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Cathleen Jia bridal designer office


Exclusively tailored for Bridal Designers and Boutique Owners, these services offer unmatched expertise and support, leveraging a deep understanding of the bridal business to guide you to success.

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Brand Incubator

Our Brand Incubator is custom-crafted for Designers and Boutique Owners in search of a thorough brand evaluation. We recognize the paramount importance of nurturing a brand that not only resonates with your ideal clientele but also authentically embodies your brand aesthetics and business values. A robust brand lays the groundwork for a prosperous business structure; without it, devising effective marketing and sales strategies can be overwhelming.


It's often challenging to gauge how well your brand is represented internally. That is why we will conduct a comprehensive brand analysis with a fresh pair of eyes. Diving deep into every aspect, from your website, your tone of voice, marketing collaterals to social media presence. We then offer tailored advice on creating compelling content and campaigns that align perfectly with your brand's identity and objectives.

Our private consultations offer you the opportunity to tap into my knowledge in the industry and experience in creating captivating brands. We'll delve into your brand's intricacies and come up with actionable steps. This empowers you to confidently execute your new brand plan and propel your brand forward with clarity and purpose.

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Who is this for?

For both emerging and established Designers and Boutique Owners who feel the weight of their brand's potential but are grappling with uncertainty on how to harness it effectively.

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Couture Retainer

In the forever-evolving world of bridal fashion, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the myriad decisions and uncertainties that come with running a successful bridal brand or boutique. Are you struggling to define your brand's identity in a crowded market? Do you feel lost in the landscape of social media and marketing? Perhaps you desire to expand in sales or wholesale markets but lack the guidance to take the leap?

Introducing our Couture Retainer, your opportunity to transform your entire business from the ground up. As your consultant and mentor, I am here to provide invaluable guidance and expertise, helping you unlock your full potential.


Together, we’ll address your current pain points, define your roadblocks, clarify your  goals, brainstorm strategies, and create actionable and measurable tasks to move your in the right direction. I will be by your side, offering solid advice and keeping you accountable during our fortnightly meetings. Let's turn your aspirations into achievable milestones and pave the way for your success in the bridal fashion world.

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Who is this for?

Ideal for both emerging or established Designers and Boutique Owners who not only values mentorship but are also committed in the long-term growth of their bridal business and ready to take it to the next level.

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The Inclusions

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