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Wedding business mentor Cathleen Jia

Hey, I’m Cathleen Jia.
I created The Wedding Theories for business owners just like you. 

My journey in this industry spans over 15 years, evolving from a humble Melbourne Bridal Designer to the proud Creative Director of an internationally acclaimed label – Cathleen Jia.
It all started in an intimate 3mx3m studio in my parents' backyard, which swiftly expanded into an artist studio, a retail shop, and finally, a Bridal Loft. Each space was equipped with in-house production for the meticulous creation process of each and every gown.

Embarking on a transformative journey from dressing brides in Australia to showcasing at international trade shows, my collections have graced brides from London and Hong Kong to New York City, thanks to multiple international stockists.

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The industry needs a mentor who has walked the walk.

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Navigating the spectrum of creative entrepreneurship, I've experienced the industry's exhilarating highs and also its challenging lows. From the euphoria of global showcases to managing cash flows and crafting collections with passion, each twist and turn has shaped my unique insight as a business owner in the wedding industry.

My real-life experience sets me apart. I understand the current landscape of the industry because I've lived it. I've navigated the same challenges many of you face today – the perpetual struggle for more hours in a day, the quest for clear directions and structures, getting caught up working in your business rather than on it, and the list goes on! 

As your business grows, the need for guidance becomes crucial, yet finding a mentor who hasn't just talked the talk but walked the walk can be a challenge. This is where I come in.


What I bring to the table is a niche and unique perspective tailored specifically to the wedding industry. I've been in your shoes, yearning for the same kind of support I offer today. If I had such a hard time finding a mentor who truly understood the nuances of this business, I'm certain there's a need for it now.

So, why do you need me? Because you're not just getting guidance; you're gaining a partner who understands your journey intimately. Together, let's craft your unique success story.

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Why Work With TWT

Real Life Experience Mentoring

Gain unparalleled insights with over 15 years in the wedding industry, complemented by my background as a Bridal Designer. I've really been through it all, weathering the challenges of the industry and offering practical guidance shaped by firsthand experiences.

Wedding Industry Specific

Support designed exclusively for the wedding industry. My expertise extends beyond generic business mentoring, it is tailored to the nuances and demands unique to wedding professionals.

Designed With The Creative In Mind

As a fellow Creative, I am devoted to supporting you in preserving your creative essence, embracing your unique journey, and cultivating a lifestyle that aligns with your vision while ensuring financial sustainability. Let’s be honest; you need to create AND make money!

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Sounds like you need this and ready to dive in?

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